Collaboration Partners/Resources:

The following are small business owners in the Indianapolis and surrounding area, in which I personally recommend and collaborate with to better serve the community. It is through collaboration, we are able to maximize each others strengths and provide a more Holistic well-rounded approach to the overall mind, body, and spirit health improvement. 



Blooming Life Yoga Studio & School
Owner Lily Kessler

We are a philosophy-based studio which honors the ancient Yoga Tradition through embodiment practices of breath, movement, visualization, intention, and universal yogic philosophy.


Heart's Joy
Divine Synergist, Karmen Fink

Heart's Joy is here to empower you to re-connect with your inner-Divine-self, with your Angel guides and LISTEN. All the answers are within you! 


Life Enhancement Dojo
Sifu Parker

Where our goal is to help you be a Warrior of Light Hero by enhancing your Mental, Physical and Spiritual skills to help you to create, THE healthy lifestyle for you and those around you.


Salt For Your Soul
Owners Shauna & Darren Hale

At Salt For Your Soul, we are believers in a natural, homeopathic lifestyle to care for the body, mind, and soul.

We’ve found two incredible ways to improve your mental and physical health: Halotherapy and flotation therapy, and put them in one convenient spot.

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